Sunday, November 23, 2008

All in a Day's Work

Recently Kris and I both had to travel out of the country for business. Kris went to Wales to map trails and shoot video for Backpacker. Meanwhile, I traveled to St. Lucia to explore the island for one of my airline magazine clients. It was tough, tough work. I assure you.

Bronwynn got a special treat while we were gone...Grandma Patty and Aunt Joanie flew to Colorado and took care of B while we were away. They ate, they shopped, they played...and generally had a blast (photos of that coming soon....)

1 comment :

  1. Those are gorgeous shots--can you send or load more high res for me? I want to make prints...
    Gotta go somewhere fun SOON--I have the 'vacation bug'!!


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