Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I poop, therefore I am.

It's one of those things that makes us human: I poop. You poop. Paris Hilton poops.
Babies, unfortunately, have no control over their poop. Which is why at 11:15 this morning, I heard a distinctive low-decibel rumble and quickly found my daughter covered head-to-toe in it.

Sure, diaper blowouts are a normal part of parenting. Just toss the outfit in the laundry, dunk the kid in the bathtub and all is well, right? The thing is, this blowout happened during a playdate at a lovely woman's home--the kind of home that looks like it's never seen a diaper blowout--leather couches, flat-screen TVs, white carpet. The toddler has her own inflatable jumparoo castle in the basement, the 4-month-old wears lace, hair bows, and tights. I already felt a bit out of place. Then, my Carters-clad kiddo lets it all loose...smiling and cooing all the while.

Note to self: Pack more wipes in the diaper bag. Also could use a new bottle of hand sanitizer and more plastic bags.

I tell Kris about the adventure and we discuss the etiquette involved in your kid pooping at a fancy friend's house (do you throw the bag of used, poopy wipes away there or bring them home to your own trashcan?). He notes that he's proud of Bronwynn for being herself. We don't want her to feel undue pressure just because she doesn't have her own jumparoo castle and prefers cotton over lace.

The bottom line? You know you love your child when she's covered in shit and still looks cute to you. I didn't take a photo, because I was, well, busy. I'm sure you'll thank me for that anyway.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mommy's eyes, Daddy's hair...

There's no question she's our child with such distinguishing traits!!

Jr. Map Editor?

Kris is such a hands-on dad. He often watches B while Gina goes to Pilates or brunch with girlfriends on the weekends. Even when he has mapping work to do, he's still willing to hang with the baby. Here, Bronwynn is helping her Daddy map a trail for Backpacker magazine while Mommy makes a run to the coffee shop for a latte (a morning essential since B is no longer sleeping through the night! *yawn*)

"B, can you point to the Guadalupe Mountains?"

On the move

Who knew a 3-month-old could be so busy? B and I are always on the go, attending play dates, moms groups, and visiting Grandma's house so Mommy can work on her writing. She's a veteran of the Boulder bus system, as you can see. She gets a lot of attention in her Bjorn and fleece vest. Recently we rode all over town with friends Jen, Zig, and Tate!

Monday, January 14, 2008

3 months old!

Yesterday was Wynn's 3-month birthday! She's up to 12lbs, 7oz and is more animated with each passing day. New skills: grasping for toys, tasting toys, chewing Mommy and Daddy's fingers (early teething?), rolling over (only once so far), and babbling (loudly!)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Baby's First Summit

We recently took B for her first winter hiking adventure, up Green Mountain in Boulder (elev. 8144 ft.). Our friend Jeff (B says, "I have more hair than Jeff does!") and his dog Chile joined us. It was an easy 4-mile out-and-back, made only a bit more challenging by the deep snow in some spots ("Daddy says snowshoes are for sissies!"). B was bundled up in her Baby Bjorn, though her cheeks got a little rosy. She giggled as Ollie and Chile ran in and out of her view. She snoozed as Daddy climbed the steep parts. And toward the end, we all got very hungry and cold, so we headed over to Southern Sun, our favorite brewery, where B feasted on warm breastmilk while Kris, Gina, and Jeff had burgers and beer.

Later, we all took naps at home. We couldn't ask for a better day!

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