mmmm, marshmallows


On Memorial Day, we had a little campfire in our backyard and Kris introduced B to the joy of roasting marshmallows. She was wary at first, but one taste of the warm gooey sweetness was all she needed. She smiled at Kris as if to say, "Dada, these are AMAZING. You've been holding out on me all this time?!"


Mamarrazi said...

Oh my gosh, she looks like you! For the longest time, I could really see Kris in her, but all of a sudden, I see little Gina from many years ago. She is adorable. And I'm ready for my smore.

Tori said...

I love these!

Mandy said...

My goodness! She is getting so big!

robin said...

wow, G- your B is beautiful!

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