Window Shopping

One thing that's nice about insomnia is that it's given me time to catch up on my online window shopping. I browse various online stores, add items to my cart, and then delete them all before I go back to sleep. You should see all the amazing stuff I haven't bought!

Like this awesome handmade diaper bag from Queen Bee Creations:

Or, this latex mattress that promises the best night's sleep you've ever experienced:

It doesn't end there. Double strollers. Sunglasses. A new video camera for Kris. Cute summer dresses for B. Christmas gifts for my siblings. (See, I'm pretty generous. I haven't bought stuff for my family too.)

Leave a comment if there's anything you want me to add to my shopping list.


Sara E said...

Ooh, you could design a boys room for Avery and the little one that we will hopefully have at some point in the future! I'm stuck on what to do for him.

Amy said...

Love that diaper bag!

Gina said...

@Amy: Great! I won't get you one tonight. :)

Jes said...

Sitting here at 4:20AM and that mattress looks amazing! My hips want it.

The gift of sleep would be such a great New Mama gift, I think you need it! Now...who's going to deliver?

toripiercy said...

Gina, you should shop for a nice place to treat yourself to a massage to :)

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