Saturday, November 21, 2009

Memoirs of Miles: My Life Thus Far

It's noisy here. The constant chatter, the flurry of activity, banging and wailing of something much bigger that I haven't figured out quite yet. This thing they call "sister."

Most days, I can't find my fingers. They brought me such comfort in the womb. Now, all but gone. I feel them, like the phantom sensation of an amputee. I draw them to my mouth and taste nothing but...cotton. The fibers make me gag. On the rare instance they do appear, these fingers betray me like little daggers. I inadvertently stab myself in the eye.

Occasionally the pure joy (Ecstasy!) of warm, sweet mother's milk in my mouth, trickling down and filling my belly. Oh, how good it feels. I drift away under its intoxicating spell... only to awaken to the cold, lifeless, sterile feeling of rubber against my tongue.

You can imagine the confusion and horror, can't you?

Alas, it's been a month and I've decided to stay. People seem to like me, constantly smiling and cooing and chattering in my face like baboons. They take me out into the warm sunshine and rock me against their soft breasts. I enjoy the rhythmic thump-thump of their heartbeats. Sometimes a gentle song floats by my ears and it helps me drift to sleep.

Yes, and there's laughter. Lots of laughter. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I hope to participate someday.


ladybugs in repose

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poop Power! Recycle your baby's used diapers...

Now this is da shit...Check out this article from

"In a move that fairly reeks with symbolism, The U.K. companies Versus Energy and Knowaste have teamed up to build the first diaper recycling plant in England, and it will be located in a region that was once the heart of the Industrial Revolution. The new recycling plant will power itself with sustainable energy generated from the organic materials recovered from disposable diapers.

Organic waste accounts for only 2% of the materials in “pre-owned” disposable diapers. What happens to the other 98%? It will be dried, sterilized, and separated into reusable paper pulp and plastic. The end use of those materials has not yet been announced but based on Knowaste’s past experience, roof tiles, shoe insoles, wallpaper, plastic “wood,” and industrial thickeners are likely candidates.

Move Over, Coal: Here Come the Diapers
The new recycling plant will be located in the town of West Bromwich in Birmingham, in the Black Coal country that was a center of the Industrial Revolution in England. With the new recycling plant, West Bromwich is leading the way to a new green revolution that focuses on sustainable fuels and reusable products rather than the dig, consume, and dispose model of a bygone era.

The Worldwide Challenge of Diaper Recycling
Knowaste calls it a worldwide challenge, and they should know. The company focuses on tackling “difficult” waste, and that includes diapers, bedliners, feminine hygiene products, incontinence products used by adults and the disabled, and related waste from hospitals. With a rising, aging global population and the prospect of developing countries bringing more consumers into the disposable product fold, this waste stream will soon become a torrent.

The Future of Diaper Recycling
It should be noted that some form of diaper-to-energy recycling already takes place in municipalities that use waste-to-energy incinerators. CleanTech Biofuels is one U.S. company that is taking it to the next level with a waste-to-ethanol facility. The full recycling model of Knowaste’s approach brings disposable diapers and other related products even closer to a more sustainable diaper model of multiple re-using and repurposing."

"No, you can't have the car this weekend..."

Sometimes when I look at Bronwynn's face, I flash forward 15 years and can envision a sullen teenager staring back at me...beautiful, but sullen.

...and I picture the two boys getting into all sorts of trouble.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Travel Bug, Part 2

You may recall, when B was just a little thing, Kris created a travel bug in her honor. (read about it here) This mobile geocache has been traveling the country ever since.

We recently learned that the travel bug was in Washington, DC where it has visited the White House and the Washington Monument.

We plan to make a new travel bug for Miles. Any ideas on what it should be?? Leave a comment below with suggestions.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

B the Bee

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