Sunday, March 7, 2010

Theatre of the Absurd

ACT 1: Bathtime
Scene: Bronwynn (2) and Miles (4 mo) are blissfully sharing a bubble bath.

B: (pointing between her brother's legs) Miles has pants.

Mommy: You mean, Miles has a penis. PEEE-nis.

B: Yeah, Miles has pants, and I have a body. (pointing to herself)

Mommy: Well, we all have bodies, actually. I think you mean you have a vagina.

B: Yeah, Mom. Boys have pants and girls have giants.

ACT 2: Bedtime
Scene: Mommy has just placed Bronwynn in her crib and is kissing her goodnight. Bronwynn is stalling.

B: Mommy! Don't go! Here, take this. (B holds out her hand. Her hand is empty.)

Mommy: Take what? What's in your hand?

B: It's Bronwynn. Here, take Bronwynn.

Mommy: (looking puzzled) That's Bronwynn? (pointing to B's empty hand)

B: Yeah, take Bronwynn.

Mommy: Oh, okay....(pretending to take a minuscule Bronwynn out of Bronwynn's hand) Come with me Bronwynn. I'll put you in my pocket for safekeeping. (Mommy pretends to put mini Bronwynn in her pocket).

B: (looking horrified) NOOOOOOOOOOOO! No Bronwynn in pocket!!! Give Bronwynn back!

Mommy: (dusting off mini Bronwynn and handing her back to Bronwynn). Oh, I'm sorry. Here you go.

B: (speaking to mini Bronwynn) It's okay, you okay now. Come. We go to sleep. (she rolls over and closes her eyes). You go now, Mommy.

(Mommy leaves)


  1. Girl, what kind of camera do you have? I loooove your pictures. Do tell!


  2. It's a Nikon D70....Kris' old pro camera, which I have now commandeered.


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