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Sorry we've been quiet lately. For those loyal blog readers who don't know, we're in the process of moving to another state...I won't disclose where exactly here on the interwebs. But let's just say it's going to be a big change. One that involves palm trees. And a new wardrobe.

We're in our new town right now looking at houses, in fact. Bronwynn has, much to our surprise, ADORED the house hunting process. Every time we enter a new home, she yells "Look Mom! They vacuumed!" And, at the first house that had a pool, she began stripping off her clothes.

When she did finally tire of the process and began to melt down, I bribed her with a lolly pop. Yep...she's totally ruined.

Miles is taking notes.


Ronnie said...

I love Miles shirt!!!

RichD said...

...and the smile!!!

Jackie said...

And the fact that he's sticking his tongue out. You couldn't have captured that more perfectly!

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