Monday, June 21, 2010

Miles' Mod Map Room: Sneak Peek

At our old (small) house, Miles bunked with us in the master bedroom, and then graduated to sleeping in the hallway (OK, it was really a loft, but it had no door). So, at our new (bigger) house, I'm giving him the room that he deserves, as well as a space that's deserving of his name. As much as we love the jazz legend, our Miles' name was inspired more by our passion for travel, hiking, biking and adventure. Oh, yes, and maps.

His room has those elements, as well as some mid-century modern pieces and heirlooms from Kris' and my childhood.

Here's a sneak peek.... (update: See completed room HERE)


  1. Great room. Totally cool. Love it!

  2. Love the room, especially the globe motif. Cheers!


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