Friday, July 23, 2010

Conversations in the car, part 2

B: When's Austi coming over?
Me: He's coming over for your birthday, in a few months, when you turn 3.
B: I two.
Me: Yes, but in a few months, in October, you will turn 3. And we'll have a party, and Austi will come.

Me: What kind of party do you want to have?
B: hmmmm....Inside.
Me: You want to have your party inside?
B: Yes
Me: What else do you want at your party?
B: Chips
Me: You want to eat chips at your birthday party?
B: Yes.
Me: Anything else?
B: I eat strawberries.
Me: You want strawberries at your birthday?
B: Yes. And avocado. And don't touch my avocado, Mom.


  1. So, what is it that you usually do to her avocado?

  2. What a brilliant kid..She is very talkative. It sounds cute answering some questions about her birthday. :)


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