Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY Barbie clothes

Had you asked me a few months ago whether I thought I'd ever have the desire to sew Barbie clothes, I would have laughed. Actually, nevermind. A few months ago we didn't even own Barbies, so I would have just given you a dumb look.

But times are a changin'. We inherited these lovely vintage girlfriends (plus one Donny Osmond doll, not pictured). And I fell in love with their 70s homemade wardrobe.

Then, I came across THIS tutorial on how to make your own Barbie clothes, and it looked so easy, I decided to try making a skirt.

Here's what I came up with:

Not too shabby, right?

So we tried it on our little friend, but it was a tad too big in the waist....


(Barbie's been crash dieting again.)

But, never fear. Just a quick adjustment, and we have this:

A cute little party dress. B loved it so much she begged me to make another one for her other Barbie. So I did:

Now they're ready for a night on the town with Donny.

I'm tempted to try the other Barbie sewing tutorials, but those actually require pinning and measuring and following patterns, which I avoid if at all possible.

Update: Okay, I made a couple more. I found some stretchy knit fabric scraps and made something, showy?? You know, for when Barbie goes clubbin'

And a tube dress that's a bit more conservative:


  1. it turned out cute! I think a little ribbon belt would be just perfect!

  2. I made a skirt from this pattern as well and loved it. It turns out that Barbie's figured has been changing a lot over the years and this is for the most recent one. There are some sites out there that have patterns or tutorials for older Barbies too. I love that white and purple dress! Nice!


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