Thursday, October 21, 2010

fabric letters for the fridge

Miles has been chewing on our plastic fridge magnets, and since they're all secondhand (read: old), I got a tad worried about phthalates and other toxins. So, I had the idea to make him some fabric magnets that he could gnaw on. THEN I thought, wouldn't it be cute to have a fabric alphabet??

I layered some felt in between scraps of my favorite fabrics and cut out the letters. Then, placed  magnets (available at any craft store) in the middle of each one. Finally, I sewed the edges closed.

Total cost: $4 for the magnets. 

I like the rough (shall we say shabby chic?) look of my letters, but if you wanted yours to be more polished you could use alphabet stencils as a pattern and turn/top stitch the edges so they don't fray.

I only got to "J" before the kids woke up from their naps. So I'll have to finish this project another day. But B couldn't wait to play with them anyway. Stay tuned...I'll post new photos once it's complete!

Safety Note: Make sure the magnets you use are large enough that your kiddo can't choke on them, and stitch them completely inside the fabric.


  1. Very cool! I think I will have to make a set of these for my boy as a Christmas gift!

  2. brilliant! and way cuter than the plastic ones!

  3. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I linked to this post today from the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :)

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  4. I like the not totally perfect look too!

  5. Did you secure your magnets with glue or something before you sewed them?

  6. I didn't secure the magnets. I just sandwiched them between the felt and they stayed pretty secure. :)

    You could hot glue them to the felt, though for added security. I know I stitched mine extra tight because I didn't want my 1-year-old to be able to get the magnets out.

    Good luck, and please feel free to post a photo link of your finished magnets!

  7. My son loves to play with magnets on our fridge. I was thinking of gettin g him the plastic ones but I didnt want him to choke on them or lose them. Then I decided to look up and see if anyone else out there had and Idea to make fabric ones. These are so cute! Just what I was looking for. Thanks. :)

  8. I can't tell you how much I love what you did here! OK, I can, I wrote a whole blog entry about my attempt to recreate your rugged letters...I think I should have stuck with felt and used the sewing machine, but I'm terrible at making small things with it. Oh well - my blog article will be up in the morning recounting my tale :) Thanks for sharing such a cute idea!


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