partners in crime

Recently, B overheard Kris and I talking with some concern over Miles' language. He only has a few words, whereas B had 20-25 words by this age.

B chimed in and said, "but Miles doesn't need to talk. He talk someday when he's a big girl."

And it made perfect sense. Why make the effort when big sister can do all the talking for you?!

Except maybe when said big sister is coloring on you with a red marker...then a few words might be useful.


Diane B. said...

Maybe Miles is waiting until he can talk in complete sentences. Beautiful children -- beautiful photographs.

Mary said...

i wouldn't worry about Miles-- girls tend to hit certain milestones faster than boys (this includes potty training too). if he doesn't understand pointing or make much eye contact, that could be a sign of a larger problem. i'm a nanny studying speech pathology, and over 60% of the children we work with are boys-- for whatever reason, they're more likely to have developmental delays. as long as miles is just a little behind where bronwynn was, he's probably within the normal range.

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