Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes I Just Can't Stand the Cuteness

I know, I know...more photos of my adorable children. But, really, what do you expect? It's enough to make a mom go crazy. ...or perhaps to keep me from going crazy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 months

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Theatre of the Absurd

ACT 1: Bathtime
Scene: Bronwynn (2) and Miles (4 mo) are blissfully sharing a bubble bath.

B: (pointing between her brother's legs) Miles has pants.

Mommy: You mean, Miles has a penis. PEEE-nis.

B: Yeah, Miles has pants, and I have a body. (pointing to herself)

Mommy: Well, we all have bodies, actually. I think you mean you have a vagina.

B: Yeah, Mom. Boys have pants and girls have giants.

ACT 2: Bedtime
Scene: Mommy has just placed Bronwynn in her crib and is kissing her goodnight. Bronwynn is stalling.

B: Mommy! Don't go! Here, take this. (B holds out her hand. Her hand is empty.)

Mommy: Take what? What's in your hand?

B: It's Bronwynn. Here, take Bronwynn.

Mommy: (looking puzzled) That's Bronwynn? (pointing to B's empty hand)

B: Yeah, take Bronwynn.

Mommy: Oh, okay....(pretending to take a minuscule Bronwynn out of Bronwynn's hand) Come with me Bronwynn. I'll put you in my pocket for safekeeping. (Mommy pretends to put mini Bronwynn in her pocket).

B: (looking horrified) NOOOOOOOOOOOO! No Bronwynn in pocket!!! Give Bronwynn back!

Mommy: (dusting off mini Bronwynn and handing her back to Bronwynn). Oh, I'm sorry. Here you go.

B: (speaking to mini Bronwynn) It's okay, you okay now. Come. We go to sleep. (she rolls over and closes her eyes). You go now, Mommy.

(Mommy leaves)
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