Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm always jotting down funny things the kids say. Or ridiculous things Kris and I say that we never imagined we'd ever say in those blissfully ignorant days before children. Here are a few recent favorites:


"Well, yes, actually I do sometimes let her pee outside. But she has to come inside to poop."
--me to my nanny  mother's helper  part-time childcare support person


B: "I remember being in mommy's belly."

Kris: "Was there a TV in there?"

B: "No."

Kris: "Was there a refrigerator?"

B: "There's not a frigerator in mommy's tummy."

Kris: "What's in there?"

B: "There's me and Miles and Belle. My room was pink. I was sleeping in mommy's belly."

Kris: "Was it crowded?"

B: "Yes."


"Miles doesn't need to talk. He'll talk someday when he's a big girl."
-B to the pediatrician


"We don't leave the house without panties. It's a new rule."


"No, you can't take another bath. You took two baths today already."
-Me to B (our water-loving toddler)


"Eating green noodles will help me feel better."

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  1. Ha! Like your word choice in the pee outside quote. ;)


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