stroller makeover

Our little doll stroller has seen better days.
It was an impulse buy. $10 at Target last summer. Sometimes I wonder if companies intend for their toys to be disposable?

The cloth liner ripped off the first time Miles tried to sit in it. So I sewed new loops on, which ripped again. The seat of the liner is worn through and the handlebars are beyond gross.

I just can't bear to send things to the landfill if they can be revived. So, during nap time this week, I gave this stroller a little makeover.

I took apart the old cloth seat and traced the shape onto new fabric (from my scrap bin) and sewed it together. I was able to reuse the existing buckle, and I covered the handles in duct tape.

Good as new?
Total cost $0. Total time: 1 hour

I didn't follow a pattern, though I know some other mamas have developed patterns for doll stroller liners that are much more precise than what I made. Here's one from Prudent Baby.

Hopefully we can get another year or two of fun out of this toy!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love it!

Jaime said...


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Just a little tip if you wanted, they sell duck tape in all different colors now, pink, green tie dye, you name it. You can buy a roll for about $3 at walmart. :)

Amnah said...

Coming over from Ohdeedoh. I have like 3 strollers that need a makeover. Hmmm... weekend project?

Suzannah said...

Grip tape for tennis rackets would be nice too for the handles, just a couple dollars...I may have to "break" the fabric on ours so I can make it Custom! Love this!! - So addicted to this website!

Gina said...

Thanks for the tape suggestions! I thought about bicycle handlebar tape too...all are great ideas and prob much cuter. But I went for what we had on hand (free).

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