Friday, May 6, 2011

peer pressure

Backstory: For the past year or so (i.e. one third of her life), B has refused to wear anything but dresses. No shirts. No skirts. No shorts. Often she will wear pants under a dress. But that's about it. Also, it helps if the dress has flowers on it and something pink and/or yellow.

B: Mommy, can I wear a shirt? I like shirts now.
Me: You do?
B: Yeah, I don't like dresses anymore.
Me: Oh, really? Why not?
B: Because I'm too sweet to wear dresses. Dresses make me angry.
Me: Why do dresses make you angry?
B: I want to be like my friends.
Me: Which friends?
B: I have some friends. Their names are Ben and Zachary. They wear shirts and pants.
Me: Oh, so you want to be like them?
B: They said don't wear dresses anymore. (pause) Mommy, do you like dresses?
Me: Yes, I do.
B: Do you like shirts and pants?
Me: I do. 
B: I like both too. Maybe next year I'll wear dresses...
Me: You know, you can wear dresses some days and pants and shirts on other days.
B: Really?! OK!
Me: Glad that's settled, then.* 

*Lord help me in 10 years


  1. "I have some friends" I love that :) She does indeed.

  2. So much like Dana! We went through at least 2 years of dresses every day. Now (suddenly) there are pants and shorts in the mix. I am no longer allowed to tell her she looks "Beautiful." I need to say that she looks "Cool."

  3. H.Y.S.T.E.R.I.C.A.L. Love it.


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