Monday, May 2, 2011

south of the border

We just rolled in from Mexico where we competed in the Rocky Point Triathlon with several other families. We stayed in a casa right on the beach--the kind of place that's so airy and gorgeous, you want to hug the walls and never leave. Kris and I slept in a hand-carved wooden bed with no fewer than 3 paintings of the Virgin Mary hovering over us and the ocean mere steps from our balcony...I can tell you I've never slept more soundly. (Also noteworthy: B slept in our room on a floor bed we MacGyvered for her and Miles was in his pack n' play, and it was so peaceful to have my children close all night. Turns out B sometimes laughs in her think--her perfect innocent self and the dreams that incite laughter--makes me weep for the sweetness of it.)

The triathlon took place Saturday at a nearby resort. Some intense winds and blowing sand made for an interesting race, but we all had fun.

To sum up, it was a weekend of firsts:

First time our kids have left the U.S.
First time driving across a border (for Kris)
First-tenth street taco (Kris, Gina, B & Miles)
First words in Spanish (hola & agua spoken by Miles)
First tidepool exploring (B & Miles)

First hermit crab catch-and-release (B)

First athletic competition since having kids (Gina)
First place (Kris, leading his division in the bike leg)

I didn't break any records for my performance, but my team finished 9th in our division, and it felt sooooooo good to be swept up in the adrenaline of a group event again....Before the munchkins came along, Kris and I competed in sprint adventure races, and I absolutely LOVE the camaraderie you find at multisport events. Even better when there's cerveza at the finish line. 

Tomorrow I face the reality that no one will be delivering fresh, hot breakfast burritos to my doorstep.

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  1. Gina, I love this post!! Thank you for personifying our trip so perfectly. I will read this one over and over. : )

    (and I, too, miss our breakfast burritos!)


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