Wednesday, September 7, 2011

trucks, Mama! trucks!

4 trucks + 1 digging crew + 5-ft-deep trench = big entertainment for toddlers.

And I will not ever take for granted again the beauty and privilege of flushing a toilet or doing laundry or washing my hands without incident. Nor will I forget the pain of flushing our entire savings account. Happy anniversary, honey. I got you a new sewer.

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  1. oh that stings... sorry to read about that whole sewer thing. when i was in college, living with 8 girls, occasionally the sewage would back up into our washing machine. we considered it "laundry roulette"- who was going to find sewage in with their delicates?

    did the landlord fix it? heck no. did we continue to use the washing machine? heck yes. gross, huh?


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