Monday, July 30, 2012

name that tune

We're home now and a bit bleary-eyed and neck deep in a laundry explosion and rediscovering forgotten toys and re-acclimating to godawful heat, and smelling faintly of chlorine from the pool.

I'll post more soon, but first a scene from WAY too early this morning that made me smile:


Friday, July 27, 2012

happy weekend

Soon, this crazy crew is heading back to the surface of the sun. Looking forward to parking the car and immediately diving into the pool. Too bad there are two days of driving between here and that relief...

Did any of you have these barrettes as a child? I was surprised to see Goody still makes them. Same exact colors and shapes I had when I was little. So fun.

 Sure sign of a fun vacation.

B brought me these nature finds and said, "Mommy, make something pretty, okay?"

Her angry face. This is what I saw when I told her it's almost time to head home.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

this week, in photos

There's something really special about taking your kids to their first Major League Baseball game. It's a lot of work, sure: rush hour traffic, parking, navigating crowds, bathroom trips, juggling food. But the payoff?

Rockies vs. Pirates
Upper deck, which may not give you a prime view of home plate, but there are no better seats for watching the sunset over the other Rockies.  

Sitting in the stands, eating hotdogs and Cracker Jacks brought back fun memories for me. Growing up, we frequented Atlanta Braves games, and I had a mini-crush on outfielder Dale Murphy. He wore the number 3, which was my softball uniform number. know... it was meant to be. 

At one point during the game, B asked, "why are no girls playing?" That's a tough question to answer in toddler language, but I'm really glad she's asking.

My dear friend (and host this week), Jes.

This photo isn't technically from this week, but I love how Miles has a tender spot in his heart for his papa. These are my two absolute favorite boys.

Jes and I took the kids to a small regional airport to watch the planes take off and land. The airport staff let us walk around the tarmac and look at all the different planes up close, and we asked the kids which one they would want to fly if they could...This one was my choice.

Also this week: Soccer Camp. It was B's first time playing, and she had a blast. The sight of her and her friends in their little soccer uniforms was worth the price of admission. But she picked up some serious skills, too.

It felt good to be outside every day, playing hard. Afterward, we headed to the local ice cream parlor and added a few chocolate stains to the uniform's grass stains.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a different kind of playground

Our last few days in Breckenridge, we played. Hard. 

First up, we rode the gondola from town to the base of the ski resort. In summer, the slopes transform into a mountain amusement park with alpine slides, a coaster, bounce houses, human maze, pony rides and more*.

By far, the favorite activity was panning for "golden," as B called it. The kids are given a bag of ore that they can sift through and discover all sorts of precious stones. Of course, all rocks are precious to these kids, so they stuffed their bags full of quartz, fools gold... and lots of gravel.

Next, we headed to Kite Lake, an alpine pool nestled at the base of several 14,000-foot peaks (Mounts Lincoln, Cameron, Democrat and Bross). Kris explained how he's climbed four peaks in a single day, and promised to take them to the summits someday (they are some of the least technical Colorado 14ers to climb, so the kids could theoretically do them when they're a little older).

The lake sits above 12,000 feet and is surrounded by a carpet of thick green tundra and swaths of rocky ridgelines. We approached the lake and told the kids they could do whatever they wanted. The agenda was theirs.

Play in the mud by the lake until your shoes fall off? No problem. 

Wrestle in the wildflowers? Sure. 

Eventually, they decided they wanted to hike around the lake -- make a big circle, hop on rocks and skip across the feeder streams and end up back where they started. So we did.

To celebrate their first circumnavigation of an alpine lake, we ate this:

But not before testing its weatherproof-ness by dunking it in the lake:

When we cut into the wax, the chocolate was not only was delicious. 

At one point, I sat down on a rock and just watched the kids, and thought, I never want to leave.

With my eyes, I scouted the perfect flat spot to build our little, one-room log cabin. We'd need a wood-burning stove, but the lake with all its clean snow-melt and trout would be plenty to sustain us. And the views? We'd never stop smiling. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling.

I could live here, in this exact spot, and let my children play in the shadow of these mountains forever.

*note: FunPark tickets were provided to us by Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

link love: enjoying the small things

I've long been a fan of Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things. I was honored when she included one my photos in her Friday photo roundup. If you need to smile, visit her site or take a look at the Instagram feed #enjoyingthesmallthings. It's time well spent.

Friday, July 13, 2012

this week, through the lens of an iPhone

When you have two toddlers grabbing hold of your hands, and you're stuffing hats, jackets, sunscreen and snacks in your bag, carrying a big DSLR camera can be tricky. So sometimes I leave my Nikon behind and see what sorts of images I can capture with just my iPhone. Here are a few favorite shots from this week:

 fishing with Daddy

chalk art in Breckenridge

My sweet boy. He wanted me to carry him the whole way.

RipStoke trials show

 an unscheduled nap

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

they're going to be so much smarter because of this.

Scene: The annual mom's group campout, where several couples and a gaggle of kids converge in the Colorado mountains for dirt-fueled adventure. The dads decide to make an obstacle course for the toddlers, to keep them entertained while they drink beer supervise carefully.

As kids navigate teetering planks, as tree stumps shake and two-by-fours bend under their weight, one of the dads proclaims, "They're going to be so much smarter because of this."

Another concurs, "These are the kinds of activities that will get them into Ivy League schools."

Scraped knees, bruises and splinters are a small price to pay for YOUR CHILD'S FUTURE.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

a fish tale

Kris took Miles fly fishing for the first time last summer. He was just 21 months old, but managed to hold the rod, which was about three times as tall as he was.

Here's a little flashback:

This year, Miles started to learn how to cast and watch the fly...

He's also learning the art of a fish tale:

Kris: "Miles, how many trout did we catch today?"
Miles: "One, two!"
Kris: "No, buddy, we caught five!"
Miles: "Yeah, five!"
Kris: "Were they big trout or little trout?"
Miles: "They was little."
Kris: "No no no, they were BIG!"
Miles: "Yeah, they big BIG fish!"

Bronwynn said she wants to learn how to fish so she can take all the fish home and make a "salty fish pie."

Anyone have a recipe to share?

Friday, July 6, 2012

a week in photos

might as well jump

picnic in the woods with friends

My morning run at 10,500 feet. My lungs weren't happy with the altitude, but the view more than made up for it.

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