Friday, January 4, 2013

half marathon music playlist, redux

With the race a few weeks away, I've tweaked my half marathon playlist. Kept a few favorites from last year, but added and rearranged others. The playlist is just over 2 hours, since I'm hoping to finish in about that time (I typically run 9:30 miles).

My criteria is the same as last year: strong beat, steady pace, uplifting or fun lyrics. I have a tendency to go out too fast, so I stacked a few slower songs at the beginning. Thew in a few goofy songs just for fun.

What are your favorite songs to run/exercise to?

1 comment :

  1. Did I see Jem on there? That is so cool! I use lots of Britney Spears,Usher, No Doubt, and Linkin Park. I have to have some I hate the world songs since I run as a way to de-stress. For some reason I never thought to put eminim on there


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