Monday, May 5, 2014

IKEA hack art station

Lately, the kids' art projects have been taking over the whole house. Everywhere I step, there's evidence of coloring, cutting, gluing, painting, folding. 

I love it. And I hate it, because it's EVERYWHERE. Marker scribbles on my desk. Scissors on my favorite vintage dresser. Crayons and scraps of paper on the floor.

So I cleared out a corner of the playroom to make a dedicated work space. 

For the table, I scoured the "As Is" section of IKEA and snatched up the blue table top (I believe it's a HEMNES dresser top) for $4. Drilled a few holes and attached metal hairpin legs that I found at a hardware store for $12.

It's a great height and surface for them to work on and grow with. B grabbed a throw pillow to sit on after I snapped this picture and worked on her writing.

The art supplies are stored above on the built-in shelf.

30 minutes and $16 later...we'll see if this helps focus their creative energy!

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